Well, here’s the quick and dirty for those interested:

  • born in Maine, USA
  • studied electrical and computer engineering at WPI in Worcester, MA
  • moved to Munich, Germany
  • currently work as a freelance web developer and…
  • play in a psychedelic/avant-garde band, impossible c o l o u r s

For more in-depth information, try searching for posts with the tags relating to either my studies, band, or life in Europe.

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  1. Hey Mike, so I finally ended my search an got the sources that you’re the creator of the 800x slower version of the Parabol Tool song and I’ve noticed the band site, the song, the youtube and everything that it was, is now gone and I am more than sadden about this project just vanishing, why I am sending this to you is so maybe I can get a reply back, because I’m here to ask kindly sir, my I please have a copy of the edited song file you did of this for only personal use and not to be shared, or given to anyone and no where will it be uploaded, just saved on my phone to enjoy experiences with.

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