Socialism for Proletariats

Let’s start with a hunter-gatherer situation.  Everyone is born and receives nourishment from their family/society until they are old enough to fend for themselves.  At this time, they go out and either hunt or gather for sustenance for at least themselves, possibly for their families (already micro-socialism).  Now, perhaps they are very good at hunting, or they… Continue reading Socialism for Proletariats

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[Insert Buzzword Here] – Racial/Gender Equality

It seems like the last year or so my newsfeeds have been cluttered with buzzwords about the latest racial or gender inequality “scandals”. I don’t need to name them; you all know them. I would like to address the phenomenon and offer my take on how to (in my opinion) learn from it and move… Continue reading [Insert Buzzword Here] – Racial/Gender Equality

Confessions of a Former Christian

So, I read this article: Gay Couples in Church: A Third Option? and started writing a reply in the comments, but it ended up turning into something else.  It’s worth the read – especially if you’re a self-professed Christian.  Enjoy! I grew up in a conservative, Pentecostal mega church, and then in college attended a more… Continue reading Confessions of a Former Christian

On Religion and Science

I saw this video today and had some thoughts about it I wanted to share with the world.  So first, here’s the video: You can tell Dr. Dawkins is more of a theologist and less of a scientist.  While I believe his campaign to rid humanity of traditional religious belief in a god or gods… Continue reading On Religion and Science

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DJs, Drum Circles and Dubstep

I read this article and then came up with this rant.  Enjoy… well, that is indeed disc jockeys have been doing since their inception during the radio boom. Of course personality played a huge role until radio’s decline in recent years (they still try, of course – god bless ’em). And of course these… Continue reading DJs, Drum Circles and Dubstep

The Politics of War

I just had a three-hour lesson about all the different wars that have been happening around the world since WWII. I was always under the impression that most of the wars and genocidal struggles were between extremist groups. However, there are many cases where one country’s military simply invades another country and simply says, “hey,… Continue reading The Politics of War

New Internet Memes

angles make all the difference

I know you are all just itching to find out what the newest thing on the internet will be. Look no further! I have it all sorted out and taken the liberty of posting a few examples: Being Have pictures taken of you, your friends, or just random objects doing what they inherently do: exist.… Continue reading New Internet Memes

Speak Softly and Always Carry a Big Stick

… and a bread knife.  The other day I was carrying my walking stick around the city (I did a video shoot where it was *necessary*, plus carrying around a big stick makes for good conversation and just plain looks cool).  Near the end of my adventures, I decided to relive my friend of his… Continue reading Speak Softly and Always Carry a Big Stick