Tool 800% Better

So of course the best band of all time is tool (based on a rigorous rating-system that includes listenability, creativity and usefulness as some of its factors), but I recently stumbled upon their song, “Parabol” (from the album, “Lateralus”) played at 0.08 times the original speed (not exactly 800% slower, but easier to explain).  In… Continue reading Tool 800% Better

Preventing Server Attacks

First of all, I don’t claim to be an expert in linux, server management, or security.  But I’ve been doing this a long time and have dealt with many MANY problems and always seem to find a solution.  However, I’ve mostly been working on other people’s servers or working on VPS (Virtual Private Server) or… Continue reading Preventing Server Attacks

Hallo, Welt!

So, I finally did it.  After 20 some-odd years of developing websites, I finally got my own.  Well, excluding the myriad of test websites I’ve started to try and determine the “perfect home page”.  In any event, there are a lot of things I feel I need to share with the world, plus this should… Continue reading Hallo, Welt!