DJs, Drum Circles and Dubstep

I read this article and then came up with this rant.  Enjoy… well, that is indeed disc jockeys have been doing since their inception during the radio boom. Of course personality played a huge role until radio’s decline in recent years (they still try, of course – god bless ’em). And of course these… Continue reading DJs, Drum Circles and Dubstep

Tool 800% Better

So of course the best band of all time is tool (based on a rigorous rating-system that includes listenability, creativity and usefulness as some of its factors), but I recently stumbled upon their song, “Parabol” (from the album, “Lateralus”) played at 0.08 times the original speed (not exactly 800% slower, but easier to explain).  In… Continue reading Tool 800% Better