Doing Social Media Marketing the Right Way

I’m having problems with some DLL files in my Windows 7 Ultimate x64 install, and can’t afford a fresh install at this point. I came across this software: DLL Suite and I gotta say, they are doing things right. They offer their software for FREE* as long as people share it in their social media networks. But it’s not just a simple “like” or “+1” click – it has to be a personal message so that people actually read it. I mean, who is really interested in what a friend “likes” on facebook or has listed on his wall these days? And to add compliment to wellness (opposite of “insult to injury”), they have a pretty funny explanation on how to activate the free license.

Hats off to you, guys! Hopefully people will take your lead and start using social networks and software licensing the “right way”. Either that, or we’re shooting ourselves in the foot and taking marketing to a more personal level, and will soon no longer be able to tell if our friends are truly excited about products and suggesting them, or their arms are being twisted by big corporations in order to use their products. Well, here’s hoping to the first variant and long live free software!

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