New Internet Memes

angles make all the difference

I know you are all just itching to find out what the newest thing on the internet will be. Look no further! I have it all sorted out and taken the liberty of posting a few examples:


Have pictures taken of you, your friends, or just random objects doing what they inherently do: exist.

being near rocks
here’s a bunch of hipsters just being…


We can all have a lot of fun with this one.  Let your imagination “pee” the limit as you take to the streets, the forest, the grocery story with your cameras and get this piss-party started!

be sure and drop off your package at reception
a great date idea, kids!
don’t be afraid to sit down on the job. everyone deserves a break every now and again…


Take this age-old religious practice and spice it up for the year 2013!  I see it’s already somewhat caught on, but here’s a few examples anyway:

this kid’s got the right idea!
even cats can get in on the action!

Vintage Meta-Fooding

This newest craze has started sweeping the nation.  The idea here is to take pictures of people taking pictures of their food, most likely to be put through a “vintage” sepia filter, so we have to add our “vintage” filters too…

angles make all the difference
vintage meta-fooding can be fun!


And the last newest, latest and greatest internet meme will be the “nothing”.  Not sure how it works?  Here are a few examples:

it’s nothing! and it’s fun! and edgy….
here’s another nothing. this one makes me laugh every time

Well, folks – I hope you continue to use the internet safely and responsibly!

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