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So of course the best band of all time is tool (based on a rigorous rating-system that includes listenability, creativity and usefulness as some of its factors), but I recently stumbled upon their song, “Parabol” (from the album, “Lateralus”) played at 0.08 times the original speed (not exactly 800% slower, but easier to explain).  In any event, it opened a whole new aspect of listening to music for me.  However, after 3 days of only listening to this one track, I decided to take it upon myself to “better” this process (or at least in this instance) and combine “Parabol” with the next track on the album, “Parabola” (if you know the album, then you know the two songs must be heard together).  So what I ended up doing was the following:

  • I ripped both songs from CD using EAC (Exact Audio Copy)
  • slowed down “Parabol” 800x (0.08 the original speed)
  • the last second or so of “Parabol” (where the distorted guitar fades in) comes up to normal speed (1x)
  • “Parabola” plays at normal speed until the end (where the guitar just drops down and goes super-heavy-doom-style and the drums whisk you away into the ether)
  • then it slows down again to 0.08x until the end of the song

The benefits of this of course being:

  • you’re not left hanging with that urge to listen to the next track
  • the heavy, slow part of “Parabola” (arguably the best part) is made even heavier and slower
  • the song loops back on itself perfectly
  • playing the song backwards is equally [if not more] enjoyable

I uploaded in CD quality, as well as 2 MP3 encodings at my band’s website.


E N J O Y ! ! !

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