X-Files in a Nutshell

So, I’m first of all a huge fan of the X-Files, and have watched every episode and every movie multiple times, in English as well as in German, and have read many fan-sites and documents explaining the all-elusive X-Files mythology.  However, I just wanted to, once and for all, explain the mythology in my own words, in a paragraph.  So, here goes:

When aliens first contacted humanity, they expressed interest to kill everyone and use the planet for their gains.  However, the people they at that time contacted (which would become the secret society, or “Men in Black” portrayed in the series) convinced the aliens to allow them to work on creating a human-alien hybrid, so as to allow for a controllable work-force for the aliens, and saving a large portion of humanity.  So these guys worked simultaneously on creating a human-alien hybrid, as well as a vaccine for the process, unbeknownst to the aliens.  However, a second group of rebel aliens started coming to earth and killing all the hybrid test subjects, as well as the doctors responsible.  Of course, when the invading aliens get wind of such events, they’d likely cancel their treaty and just wipe out humanity.  So the shadowy figures have to continue their research, stop these rebel aliens (by stabbing them in the back of the neck), and continue developing a vaccine, and keeping the public in the dark, in order to have a hope at saving humanity.

This sounds like a real nice gesture of the board of shadowy figures, and I’d only hope that if anything like this were ever to happen, that someone would care enough about humanity to sacrifice their own lives in such a manner.  Then along comes this good-looking, super-intelligent FBI agent wanting to expose the “Men in Black” and blow the lid off the whole conspiracy.  If I were a shadowy figure, I’d consider taking Fox Mulder on into the board – he could be a good ally in the FBI.  And apparently Fox’s parents were part of everything from the beginning, sacrificing their own daughter to the aliens as collateral for the human-alien hybrid research pact (I’ll call it HARP).  But instead, they just toy with Mulder, giving him clues here and there (sometimes through a “leak” or sometimes directly).

In any case, hats off the shadow-men and their unbelievable sacrifice for the hope of mankind, and I feel bad for Fox Mulder, for believing so much in his cause, that he effectively turns his back on humanity.  Like I said, if I were a shadow-man, I’d invite Fox into the group in a heartbeat, and kill him if he didn’t come on board.  It is very important not to let the public in on this, for if the invading aliens get wind of it, they’d cancel the treaty and just wipe out humanity.

Perhaps the X-Files is really about humanity and not about the paranormal, although it plays a huge part.  Of course, every unexplained phenomenon is dubbed “magic” or “evil” or “paranormal” until science finds a way to satisfactory explain it.  Here’s to humanity, science and The Smoking Man!

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