Speak Softly and Always Carry a Big Stick

… and a bread knife.  The other day I was carrying my walking stick around the city (I did a video shoot where it was *necessary*, plus carrying around a big stick makes for good conversation and just plain looks cool).  Near the end of my adventures, I decided to relive my friend of his bread knife and continue my journey home.  On the way, I noticed that I hadn’t a single problem getting the best seat in the subway, or being the first or last to enter/exit the bus, and nobody stopped and asked me for a cigarette.  The only people who talked to me at all were two drunk old doctors, who had probably seen enough craziness in their lifetimes to know that the man who speaks softly and always carries a big stick and a big bread knife is more likely to be friend than foe (and if foes do come, that man SHOULD be on your side).  Just some bread for thought.

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